Chicago TARDIS - from the archives!

ChicagoTARDIS is an annual media convention celebrating Dr Who and the fandom which continue to support it 13 years after the show was taken off the air. Owing to the enormous popularity of the show and the dedication of its followers, Doctor Who and the associated universe survive in the form of two novels released monthly, a new internet-based audio show, and regular full-cast professional productions from two production houses, Big Finish and BBV.ChicagoTARDIS is held, as you might expect, near Chicago, Illinois, in the suburb of Arlington Heights. It is organized by Gene Smith at Alien Entertainment/The Doctor Who Store. The convention has it’s own website at
dealers Jason, Shaun, Steve, and Andrew Bill and Lars
ChicagoTARDIS dealers’ room - the place to be. Jason Tucker, Shaun Lyon, Steve Johnson, and Andrew Beech experimenting with psychological evaluations. Bill Baggs and Lars Pearson autograph copies of the ChicagoTARDIS program.
Tim and some goofball Pauly and me K9
Yeah, I look goofy, but on the other hand, Tim looks great! Paul Ebbs and an unnamed fan. A girl and her dog. What a beautiful thing .
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